Jewellery Trends In 2016: Know About the Top Trends


Jewellery trends change every year and in 2016, the trends are about to undergo some major changes. Be it head, ear, neck or hand accessories, the styles and designs will become more quirky in taste. So what would those trends be? Read on as we tell you more…

Say it with Pearls

Pearls have come back in 2016 and Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham and other designers are using the classy pearls in their designs. Double earrings with little solitaires in every digit and pearl earrings which drop from the ear lobe are Isabel Marant’s specialties which are much in trend now. Balenciaga covers the ear with pearl earrings starting with dangling designs and those placed on the cartilage. Simple Pearl eardrops too are big this season. So if you are looking for some trendy jewellery this season you cannot give the pearls a miss.

Statement Neckpieces

For the necklaces people are opting for the street look and design options such as buckles and chain links to jazz up the neck. Also big are gold chokers and twisted metals as well as  Swarovski crystal statement chokers.


The collar bone necklace that sits somewhere between the collar and above the neckline are attention seekers and can frame the face beautifully.  Breastplate Necklaces against the background of naked skin or neutral clothing look stunning. Opt for a stylish statement neck piece and enhance your style quotient. Dramatized Earrings

Earrings have been dramatized in 2016 with statement pairs like long chain links from Alexander Wang, shoulder grazing jewels from Gucci, tassels from Oscar de la Renta and silver pairs from Emilio Pucci that are edgy while being bold. Plated earrings in dropped looks are amazing and draw attention to the side face and curve of the neck.


Wear a Stylized Braclet

Braclets have been in since last season and the pearl bauble bracelets from Victoria Beckham with earthy colors steal the show. Kenzo showed off egg like stones placed in the middle and Burberry had pom pom bangles doing duty as bracelets and looked deveastatingly beautiful to say the least. Thus if you are a fashionista you cannot give the bracelets a miss this season.

Geometric Designs are in Vogue

Geometric designs have caught up with jewellery this year with geometric shapes present in necklace, earrings and used by majority of the designers.

Multiple Rings or Single Statement Ring

2016 will see multiple rings on one hand or double rings struck together. Double band rings will be in demand as well. A single statement ring is also in fashion.


Beautiful Brooches

Brooches have made a comeback with the younger generation and the oversized and the bold and fresh designs stand out and draw attention to the chest.

To sum up in the jewellery arena dramatic pieces and quirky trends seem to have made a comeback. So wear the perfect accessory in style and be the diva!



One thought on “Jewellery Trends In 2016: Know About the Top Trends

  1. MarlowDesign

    The neckpiece is really awesome and I would love to have one in my kitty quite soon. I am more into crystals rather than pearl and this would be my best option.


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