Flower Power – Dazzling Jewelleries in Flower Pattern

Since primitive times, adornments have been a staple in society. Earlier, flowers, beads, wood and other varieties were used and now metals like gold, silver, and other precious stones are used. For centuries, the Indian society has been partial to flower motifs and designs in regard to jewellery.10417737_723967827688622_1592287906130035375_n



The Flower in Neckpieces

Necklaces are the most glaring examples of floral designs and how they can be used effectively. There is the jasmine bud necklace that depicts the flower’s tender buds. The result is a perfect equilibrium with nature that makes the wearer look regal and beautiful. The designs are enhanced and made grander through the use of precious and semi precious stones that appeal to the feminity of women.10436104_704306299654775_7677026183791858567_n



Any designer worth their salt is nowadays experimenting with floral patterns. Floral are akin to romance and is ideal for all age groups. Another thing is that flowers and their color variety lends to the amazing precious and colored stones which can be used in the jewellery produced in India.

Floral Patterns are In Now

Floral motifs have one very big advantage – they can adapt and beautify any jewellery style, be it necklaces, earrings, rings and arm accessories. In fact, use of floral motifs for the first time can be traced to the karnaphool that were shaped like motias or jasmine flowers.12510336_908335375918532_6783277998212373069_n

Through the thousands of years, the demand, popularity and craze for flower patterns have remained the same. The contours and curves complement the vibrant hues of precious stones and minakari work. With advancement in technology, floral patterns are now represented in rose yellow and white gold. The age old designs now have a newer avatar that can very well compete with the abstract and elaborate designs thought of nowadays. While they are good no doubt, nothing can take away the charm and purity of floral motifs and designs.

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