Dressing up for Valentine: Know The Top Tips to Stun Your Date

Valentine’s Day is near and its time that you are making last minute plans to look special. If you have a Valentine party or a candle light dinner, dressing up perfectly is really important on this day. Let’s look at a dressing guide this season.

Not Always Red

Flirty or romantic choose a dress according to your personality. It is not always necessary to wear red or even pink as it is the day of love. You can go for shades of dark purple and or burst orange. If handled correctly, this can suit almost all complexions and can give you a diva look for sure.


If you have that daunting personality, then show it off by wearing a sexy short dress. But if you want to look more feminine and graceful you can go for flowing gowns or even wear a tulle skirt in white with a flared top. You can go actually for a monochrome yet gorgeous outfit with some shimmers in it.

You can add that missing bit of red by taking a red clutch or belt.

Pick A Statement Jewellery

After deciding the outfit, let’s shift to choosing the right jewellery. Statement jewellery like chunky or heavy neckpieces is trending high this season. You can also opt for Cocktail rings which will stand out and will make you look even more gorgeous and will take your fashion quotient to the next level.


Opt for Smart Jewellery

If you do not like chunky designs, then choose a smart white or yellow gold heart pendant with a simple chain and a bracelet. Whatever you are wearing choose a sleek design. You can go for a simple stud or dangler earring that will make you look class apart. Opt for diamonds as that will make you sparkle for sure.


Use Minimal Makeup

Do not overdo as you are not going for a wedding party. Use simple yet a striking look. You can use a red or orange lipstick that compliments your outfit well. Although, carry your make-up items for touch ups.


Whatever you wear, always, be confident and remember that your beloved loves you for the person you are. Just be yourself and you will be the cause of ripples in many hearts present at the party surely.

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