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Solitaires; Spilling out the Story of Immortal Love And Passion

Express Your True Love With A Solitaire

Love is a real ecstasy and expressing it in a different way to your soul mate is undoubtedly one of the most coveted events in your life. Diamond rings or bangles can make your engagement or marriage ceremony special in a different way. The high value of a diamond will say everything you want to tell to your loved one.

A special Gift for The Special One

One should always take care of his love to make sure that it glitters in every possible way, before gifting your most treasured love to your partner do not forget to check the latest jewellery designs to make sure that you  choose the best one. Diamond solitaires are unique, a statement on its own. They are considered as the most appropriate when purchased for women because only a woman can be the best friend of a diamond.

The Varity Available in The Market

If you are confident about the taste and preferences of your loved one then try for Diamond Rings Online and if not then you can ask her best friend or family members. A ring should match the persona and style of your soul mate. There are a variety of rings available in the market but be sure of the certification the company provide while buying the product. The next important thing to be taken care of is money; if you have a defined budget then it is better to opt for some discount options the jewelers offer. And if you are the one who does not think about budget then why not opt for a diamond set? Even you can mix and match the solitaire ring with a pendant searching for Diamond Pendant Online.

Be The Smart Buyer

Before entering a showroom or a jewellery store log in to some good online portals who give huge knowledge about diamond jewellery. Educate yourself before jump for a solitaire. The different sites give umpteen options to choose from, you can shop by material, price, availability and variations. And never ever forget the four Cs- cut, clarity, carat and color. If you prefer to go to showrooms then tell the concerned person about your need he will help and guide you in a most convenient way.

Make your special one the happiest one on earth by gifting a true solitaire. No doubt she will feel at the top of the world and will gift you back with that rare smile you always crave for.

Glimpses Of Celeb Jewels On Their Big Day

Being all decked up and walking up the aisle on your marriage day must be one of the most cherished dream for innumerable people. However, in case you are one of those who like to get wedded while all deckled up for the big day, here are four inspiration to fall back upon. While you can go for physical stores, there is no harm in looking at the latest jewellery designs online to pick that pretty pre wedding ceremony jewels.

Suresh Raina And Priyanka Chaudhary

2015 saw Suresh Raina, one of the top cricketers in India tie the knot with Priyanka Chaudhary. While the groom was looking handsome, it was the blushing bride who got the limelight. She matched the red lehenga with two heavy necklace. Both were gold studded with uncut diamonds and while one was sitting on the neck, the other was a longer necklace with a eye  catching pendant at the bottom and pearls on them.

Akriti Kakar And Chirag Arora

The beauteous singer Akriti Kakar got married with her beau Chirag Arora. While the wedding was a huge affair, the bride was looking extraordinarily classy in her traditional red attire. What stood out was her choker necklace in gold, studded with precious stones and the five layer ‘rani haar’ that had uncut diamonds in them.

Sanjay Hinduja And Anu Mahtani

This was one of the most lavish weddings of 2015 where the bridal jewellery was the talk of the town. Anu Mahtani was wearing two extremely heavy, elaborate and ethereal necklace in gold studded with uncut diamond of the highest quality. The first one was a choker that covered her neck and the second was a seven layer necklace that complemented the choker necklace marvelously.

Divyanka Tripathi And Vivek Dahiya

This well known TV actress got married to her TV actor Vivek Dahiya recently. She sported two looks for two different ritualistic wedding and both saw her donning beautiful necklaces. One was a choker cum necklace in gold and set with uncut and cut diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The other was a diamond choker that went too well with the red and gold lehenga she was wearing.

Latest Indian jewellery is one of the best and brightest way of looking stunning on the wedding day and it is always the best way to stand apart from the rest.

Give A Fillip To The Festive Mood With Great Jewellery Trends

The last four months of the calendar means food, lights, festivity and cute and out of the ordinary jewellery trends. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali or Christmas, the need to dress up and show off your style quotient to the world is something that will help you to be the diva of the town. Here are some jewellery trends that are trending this season in a big way.

Enchanting Earrings

Earrings are the go to accessory for every woman and the trends for the season are the hoop earrings. These are large and circular and is good for both ethnic and western wear. Other than that, the chandelier earrings are stealing the show as well. This year, the concept of single earrings is also going a long way to make a hot statement.

Beautiful Bracelets

Bracelets are aesthetic, pretty and helps a person to sport a jewellery which is light, trendy and can be paired with each and every type of clothes.

Novel Neckpieces

Be it pendants or necklaces, the festive season is the time to experiment in every way. Pendants are to be paired with western wear and when it comes to ethnic wear, then the dainty pendants can brighten up any look. Neckpieces are equally great and chokers are the go to jewellery to fall back up on.

Layered Jewellery

This is the year of multiple layering when it comes to jewellery and online jewellery shopping is the best place for this. Be it gold, silver or the other precious jewellery, layering them one on top of the other can give a fantastic effect. When it comes to latest jewellery designs, then the layered trend comes in handy.

Ringing In The Good Day

Gold Boho rings that are studded with crystals and stones and worn on all the five fingers are massively trending in this season. Here also, buy diamond rings online India has and been the topic of everyone.

So now that you know about the most stylish and innovative  of jewellery to sport this season, wait not and lay your hand on the best of the best items.

Flipping Through The Jewellery That Adorned The Celebrity Brides

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair and each and every person – man or woman makes it a point to look their best on this day. The most important things that contribute to making the groom and most importantly the bride look beautiful are the bridal trousseau and the jewellery. Celebrity weddings are  a news in itself and what make an even bigger splash are the jewellery they wore on that day. Here are five celebrity weddings for you and the jewellery that adored them on that day.

Dinesh Karthik And Dipika Pallikal

This was the sportsperson wedding of the year and where the champion cricketer and the squash player got married. There was a Hindu ceremony and a church wedding. While the latter did not find Dipika wearing too much jewellery, the Hindu ceremony saw her decked up in precious stone set of diamonds and emeralds with pearls at the bottom. She also wore a longer diamond necklace with an emerald as the centerpiece. She had four gold ‘kangans’ on her hand.

Diamond Ring Stack

Shreya Ghoshal And Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya

The most magical voice of this generation, Shreya Ghoshal got married in early 2015 and it was a traditional Bengali wedding with a profusion of gold jewellery in exquisite designs. The pretty singer had worn a beautiful choker necklace in a half moon design and a ‘rani haar’. On her hand she sported two thick gold ‘mantasha that made her look the quintessential bride.


Durjoy Dutta And Avantika Mohan

The romantic novelist married long time girlfriend actress Avantika Mohan with much fanfare. Avantika was looking resplendent in both the Punjabi and Bengali wedding and while the former saw her wearing a heavy jadau set studded with stone, the latter saw her sporting two beautiful solid gold necklace that made her look the coy bride.


Abhishek Kapoor And Pragya Yadav

The wedding of filmmaker Abhisekh Kapoor with model-actrees Pragya Yadav was a starry affair. She was the very picture of traditional Indianness where she was seen wearing a chunky gold choker necklace and paired it with a multi strand pearl ‘sitahaar’ with a big gold locket in the middle.

There is still some apprehension in India about online jewellery shopping. However, even if all the jewellery are not online, you can easily go for the diamond rings online and make a splash on the big day.

Shine Bright With Polki Jewellery on Wedding Day

Is your wedding day just round the corner? And are you still searching for that perfect jewellery set to wear on that day? Well if you are too bored of the regular well cut diamonds and solid gold jewellery, then move your eyes a bit to the polki jewellery section of the store you visit or even during online diamond jewellery shopping.

A Little About Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery is a grand testimony to the rich culture, heritage and tradition of jewellery making that has disseminated to us from our forefathers. Polki is basically uncut diamonds that are mostly used in their natural form. It is one of the oldest form of jewellery craftsmanship and requires attention to details and intricate execution of design. It got introduced in India thanks to the Mughals who loved diamonds in their original form. Polki jewellery requires a foil at the back so that the stones can be brought together and is a bit on the costlier side. However, the money you spend on it is worth the finished product that you get at the end. Moreover, when polki is combined with rubies, emerald and sapphire, it is nothing short of an heirloom.


Polki Jewels For The Bride

Polki jewellery is wildly popular in the northern part of India where it is an indispensable part of every bride’s jewel box. Starting with the maang tikka, the necklace, earrings, bangles and even the rings, a touch of polki everywhere is a must. So when you have to buy customized diamond jewellery online India has a plethora of options to choose from. The price of a polki choker depends on the number of diamonds used in the design and their quality as well. With a gorgeous polki necklace around the neck, there is no need for anything else to increase the beauty quotient of the bride of the day.


Online jewellery shopping is stamping its position in the ever increasing jewellery market of India. Be it small trinkets or heavier pieces that are ideal for the bride, the designs are becoming bigger, grander and a worthy contributor to the beauty are the polki diamond jewellery.


Get Dress on Your Wedding With The Prettiest Jhumkas In Town

Any woman – whether modern or traditional, urban or rural, in love with jewellery or leaning towards the clean look will want to look their best on their wedding day. The three most important aspects of looking beautiful are the bridal attire, the makeup and the all important is the latest Indian jewellery.

Be The Stand Out Bride In Ethnic Jhumkas

Be it gold, silver or diamond, a  pair of jhumkas can pepper up any boring wedding look and give it cohesiveness. In fact, they are essential for any woman – whether she is married or yet to get married. No wonder that jhumkas are something that every woman covets and wants to wear on her wedding day. Be it the huge gorgeous ones or the little trinkets that complements any western dress, jhumkas are the go to accessory for any earring loving woman.


New Styles To Add Wedding Glamour

Currently, the stand out wedding style is a heavy gold jhumka with a string of pearl at the bottom. For the pre wedding occasions, you can go for e pair of chunky umbrella jhumka with a pastel colored anarkali or gown. And on the reception day, only a stunning jhumka in white gold and studded with dazzling diamonds can carry the day. Jhumkas when paired with ethnic wear is the ultimate winner. Comfort is of utmost importance when wearing a jhumka and choose those with a hair chain so that you are comfortable while keeping the style quotient intact. While you are shopping for them, be a little experimental and buy diamond jhumkis online.


Wear What Suits You

While sporting jhumkas, you have to spare some thought to your facial profile. Those with round face should opt for longer and slender jhumkas while those with thin and long face can go for circular and round ones. The one type that can go with both face types are asymmetrical bell jhumkas.

Online jewellery shopping is catching on big time in India and one of the fastest moving items are the pretty and exotic jhumkas. During weddings, it is imperative to wear a jhumka nowadays and it is sure to make you the prettiest bride of earth!


Have A Dreamy Monsoon Wedding With The Finest Jewellery In Hand

Fine trousseau, the blushing bride and an enamored bridegroom, all these together make up a near perfect wedding. Add to that a bedazzling collection of jewellery and the occasion is complete in itself. While winter is the time to go on a no holds barred jewellery buying spree, monsoon calls for some restrain because of the sky that may open up any time and make heavy jewellery cumbersome.  So here are the must have collection to sport this monsoon after you go for online jewellery shopping.

Managing The Maang Tiara

Brides want to have the best of everything and here is a piece that complements any hairdo. It is a delicate tiara from which hangs the stone studded Maang Tiara. This piece of jewellery is the perfect embodiment of the traditional and the contemporary and one of the latest jewellery designs as well.


Statement Earrings For The Bride

This is for the brides who like to keep the attention to only one piece of jewellery. The statement earring are predominantly in diamond and the trend of the year is ear cuffs. Go for floral designs or delicate motifs that will help to keep the focus on your ears.

Unique Kamar Band

Kamar Band have always been in trend and they have always been very popular in South India. The rest of India is catching on to the trend and slowly but surely, this is becoming the monsoon trend of the season.

White Gold And Diamonds

White gold and diamond is the combination for all season and here you get the best options to wear in monsoon. The designs are intricate, delicate, pretty and makes a bride stand out from the rest of the brides who lean towards gold jewellery.


Nawabi Satlada Necklace

Once the favoured piece of jewel of the Nawabs, the Satlada necklace was created by the artisans of Hyderabad and is a seven strand necklace that can in itself dress up the bride. This necklace looks best in gold with precious gemstones studded in it.


Gold jewellery online shopping is caught on big time in India right now. Therefore rather than going for the traditional designs that may sometimes look boring, go for unique and amazing jewellery.

Women and Fine Jewellery: An Immortal Saga of Love

No one can possible ignore the love that a woman has for her fine jewellery. Every woman has a special tale to tell for her love towards a coveted piece of jewellery. Some loves to flaunt the special gifts from the beloved whereas others are still happy with the heirlooms that they have received. Fine jewellery has always been something special for a women .

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Celebrates Your Personality

Who does not loves to look like a diva? Every women loves their jewellery that makes them look absolutely special and trendy. The choice of jewellery speaks about the personality of a women. For those who has an inclination for fine jewellery is said to have a refined and a sophisticated taste. A fine jewellery is a piece that has a sharp and clean cuts. A single piece is enough to make you stand out in crowd.

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Jewelleries are Treasures

Every piece of a jewellery is a priceless possession. These are treasures that are passed on from one generation to another. Every girl child weaves her own story as she loves seeing her mother wearing a jewellery. She develops her own taste as slowly she starts trying it in front of the mirror when no one is actually seeing. Every household has one or more jewellery which has been passed from one generation to the other.

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Light Weight Collection

Jewelsforum has a special collection that mainly focuses on the light weight collection. Having a wide array of pendants, earrings to bracelets, colored stones along with a subtle hint of diamonds makes them look absolutely special and trendy as each and every piece has been crafted with care and expertise. Perfect for the fashionistas, they are extremely affordable too.

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Jewellery designs have been redefined over and over again. Traditional jewellery styles has been constantly challenged by the latest jewellery designs. but still over the years the popularity of fine jewellery has never waned. Jewelleries are valued possessions and women are simply in love with it.

Monsoon Jewellery Care Tips: Facts You Must Know To Preserve Your Precious

Monsoon is here and with that there is a lot of moisture in the air and with the change of weather we too need to take care of our possessions. As we need to take good care of our skin and hair during this time, you also must not miss out on your favorite jewellery.

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These little precious things too are affected by the moisture and are more prone to scratches this time. Read on to know how to take good care of your jewellery.

 Store Jewellery in Dry Cases

You need to use dry cases where the jewellery will receive the least amount or no moisture. Invest in some good air tight boxes to store your jewellery.

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 Avoid Paper Towels To Dry Jewellery

Paper towels are often used to dry jewellery. If used, the tissues might get stuck in your jewellery. So, it is better to use a soft cotton cloth that will avoid abrasion too.

Avoid Direct Contact with Rain

Delicate jewellery needs a gentle care and if possible, avoid wearing precious pieces during the monsoon. Rain water can take away the luster of your precious pieces. If it comes in contact with rain, pat dry with a soft cloth.

Use Cotton Bags for Every Jewellery

Store your jewellery in separate bags made of cotton instead of other material. These are in fact the best ways to store your jewels.

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 Use Silica Gel

You can keep silica in your jewellery box; this is perfect to absorb all humidity. Silica gel protects jewellery from tarnishing too.

 Clean Often

Use mild soapy water to clean diamond or other stone jewellery twice a month. It will not only clean your jewellery but will also bring back the sheen of the piece.

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If any sort of scratches happen, you can go to your favorite jewellery store that offers a all round support to the customers. If you are looking for the latest indian jewellery, then Jewelsforum has the best deals at affordable rates.

Celeb Wedding Jewellery – Who Wore What

All brides love adorning themselves like their favorite celebrities. Here we bring for the brides who wore what.

Bipasha Basu

The recent wedding of the this beautiful Bong with Karan Singh Grover was indeed a gala event where the bride looked simply stunning in a Sabyasachi creation. She wore a gold and red heavily embellished lehenga and a heavy kundan jadau necklace. What stood out was her beautiful and elaborate Maangtika and the Jhumka. Later on that day, she wore a golden Anarkali which she teamed up with a regal layered emerald and gold necklace. On her Mehendi ceremony she looked fabulous in floral jewellery.

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Preity Zinta

This gorgeous Punjabi actress had a hush hush wedding affair with her husband Gene Goodenough. Her reception was indeed a grand one where she wore a Manish Malhotra number. The red gown she donned was simply outstanding. In terms of jewellery she kept it minimal. She wore a long diamond earring. All her accessories has been from Farah Ali Khan’s jewels.

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Urmila Matondkar

For her D day Urmila Matondkar choose a Manish Malhotra creation in Red and Golden. The zari work has been splendidly done. The jewellery was mostly traditional as she wore heavy neckpieces in layers. She donned green bangles. Her wedding ring was really mesmerising.

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Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika simply looked extremely stunning in her white off shouldered gown with a deep neckline. She kept her jewellery minimal. She wore a nice string of pearls and looked simply resplendent.

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Genelia D’Souza

The cute couple Genelia D’Souza and Ritesh Deshmukh tied the knot on 2012. They had two weddings one Maharashtrian  and Christian wedding. For the Maharashtrian wedding, she chose to wear a Neeta Lulla creation. The kundan border of the saree was made of gold. She wore kundan jewellery  that had ruby and diamond studded excellently. What made her stood out was the necklace and the armlet. Ritesh too looked extremely handsome in a white sherwani. He wore nice strings of pearl necklace.

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So, you surely can follow these smart tips. Simply, start planning for your D day now!