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Bring A Smile Onto A Summer Bride’s Face With Some Pretty And Precious Trinkets

When a shy and apprehensive bride takes the first tentative steps into her wedded home, the first things that can calm her frayed nerve are some thoughtful and beautiful jewellery. When jewellery is the preferred gifting options, affordability and beauty are the prerequisites and here you can go for online jewellery shopping.

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Light Bridal Jewellery

Adorning Her Neck With Gold Jewellery Online Shopping

The most precious gift for a newlywed can be a Mangalsutra. Therefore, you as her near and dear one can gift her one of those with the pendant in a detachable form. That way, it will be versatile – to be paired with a separate holder or in the Mangalsutra itself.

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Gold Mangalsutra

Blessing With Bangles From Online Diamond Jewellery Shopping

Bangles are one of the best items of jewellery which can accentuate the marital bliss of a woman. Moreover, the latest Indian jewellery designs have evolved in such a way that daily wear bangle which look amazing as well can be fund easily.

online diamond jewellery shopping

Diamond and Gold Bangle

Invigorating Earrings

Earrings are the safest and most useful of all jewellery items that can be given as a gift to a summer bride. Either it can be a hoop or a stud to be used for daily wear or a pretty dangler for a formal occasion. The best option is to choose online jewellery shopping and get a diamond studded one that can enhance the look of a formal or semi formal dressing.

online diamond jewellery shopping In India

Gold and Diamond Danglers

Natty In A Nosepin

On some occasions, a nosepin becomes an essential item during marriage. Again, there are many women who like to wear a nosepin for some added dash of style. If the bride is someone like that, go for a nosepin studded with diamonds and rubies in white or yellow gold.

gold jewellery online shopping

Gold and Diamond Nose Pin

Here we have given some of the best options you can choose from to make your life a bit easier. However, the choices are endless and you can definitely try some of the other options open to you.


Enthralling Jewels From Across The World To Mesmerize Woman Of All Generation

Women and jewellery – these two terms are synonymous with each other. Jewellery has its existence because of the smitten women who adorn their beautiful selves with it. However, of all the jewellery in the world, there are some that stand out from the rest and can give stiff competition to the latest Indian jewellery or those throughout the world.

online diamond jewellery shopping

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

This is the most valuable necklace in the world on record where the diamond piece weighs 637 carats and has the world’s largest internally flawless yellow diamond, weighing 407.48 carat at its centre. Created by Mouawad Jewelry over 4 years, it has 91 diamonds set in 18 carat rose gold and is valued at $55 million.

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

The Perfect Pink

Priced at $23.2 million, The Perfect Pink has a 14.23 carat rare intense pink diamond as the centre piece. There are two colourless diamonds on two sides that weigh 1.73 and 1.67 carats. It is set in white and rose gold ring of 18 carats.

The Perfect Pink

The Graff Pink

Created by American jeweller Harry Winston, it was purchased by Laurence Graff, a private collector for $46.2 million in 2010. Hailed as one of the most expensive jewellery in the world, it has a pink diamond of 24.78 carats and is one of the greatest diamonds ever found.

The Graff Pink

Heart Of The Ocean

This necklace was made famous in Titanic and was created by jeweller Harry Winston. Priced at $20 million, it has a real 15 carat blue diamond. In fact, the necklace is so popular that the imitations sell for $3.5 million.

Heart Of The Ocean

Blue Diamond Ring

This $16.26 million ring is made of an oval shaped blue diamond of 9 carats and set in 18 carat white gold. It also has clear triangular diamonds at the sides.

Blue Diamond Ring

Buying online diamond jewellery is extremely popular and the diamond rings online have exquisite designs which you will surely covet after reading about some of the best jewelleries found worldwide.


Cool Accessories To Ease Up On A Hot Summer

Jewellery are an all season must have for every woman. Though the variety and design of the jewels may change with the passing trends, the essential love and allure of the shiny stones has and will remain intact for the coming seasons. Here are the top jewellery trends for 2016.

Happy Hoops

This year, hoops have made a mark and they are nothing but the chicest accessory that has made a mark in 2016. Be it tribal or geometric designs, hoops are the best thing to adorn the ear this year.


Enticing Ear Cuffs

Though ear cuffs have been around for quite a long time, this is the first year that they have really come into the fashion scene big time. However, the 2016 ear cuffs will have embellishments and stone and pearl studding to give a twist to the look.


Statement Necklace

Statement necklace are also in for 2016 and with Oscars giving them that extra spotlight, the statement necklace by come up in a big way. The best thing is that they can be paired with any and every type of dresses.


Stacking Rings

They are the latest and most versatile piece of jewellery and accessory to have come out this year. Available in different cuts and styles, they are fun to wear and can be worn as bigger statement rings or as smaller rings.

Diamond Ring Stack

Alluring Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs have monopolized a large area of the jewellery market in 2016. The accessory is extremely versatile and looks good with sleeveless dresses and blouse. This jewellery gives new life to the much neglected arms and here you have the chance to dress them up admirably.

5-row-silver-crystal-armlet 1

Now waste no time and get started on the trends in jewellery for 2016 and make any and every dress you have a jazzy one.

Dress Up Your Neck With Aesthetic Pendants

Be it light jewellery for everyday wear or for accompanying heavy jewelry to perk up the total look, a pendant is never wrong and gorgeous enough to go perfectly with every kind of dress. There are amazing pendants for every occasion – be it parties, daily wear or special alphabet pendants. Go get that beautiful pendant in the latest jewelry design to look alluring this summer.


Floral Beauty

Floral designs are amazing and can be paired with eastern and western wear with equal aplomb. Choose a flower design you like and chose from the online diamond jewellery collection which are in sync with the latest in trend fashion.


Be The Party Girl

A lovely party dress needs minimal jewellery and at the most it can be a party pendant studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds or any other precious and semi precious stones. The designs are extraordinarily eye catching and breathtaking enough to make you the shining light of the evening.


Gift Your Valentine

A pretty heart shaped pendant is the best expression of love and you can buy diamond pendant online to please their heart. Of course, it does not have to be Valentine’s Day when you express your love, rather gift a pendant to make that day a Valentine’s Day.


Alphabet Pendants Dedicated To A Loved Name

When the beloved is not close to you, just buy an alphabet pendant in his or her name and gift it to your beloved as your sign of love or even wear it yourself to keep the loved person close to your heart!


Pendants are lovely in themselves and when they are the accompanying beauty of amazing dresses, and then their loveliness goes up by quite a few notches.


Bollywood Divas and their Wedding Jewellery : Know  How They Looked on Their D Day

This write up is especially dedicated for jewellery lovers. Those who are about to tie the knot soon, you will surely love to know how your favorite celebrities decked themselves for their wedding day. So read on as we share some fantastic insights with you…

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Considered by many as the most beautiful women of the world, Aishwarya had adorned herself with heavy jewellery. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a golden kanjivaram saree. The sparkling kundan jadau jewellery gave her an extra-ordinary look. Her grand choker set was truly eye-catchy. Her bridal attire proved how important it is to choose jewellery that goes well with your attire.

Vidya Balan


The typical Indian beauty, this South Indian woman dressed herself in the traditional way. Jewellery of South India is all about heavy designs. But Vidya chose to keep it simple with her matching earrings.  She wore excellently designed temple neckpieces that accentuated her beauty even more. Vidya not only looked classy but resplendent too.

Shilpa Shetty

This gorgeous diva looked absolutely ravishing on her wedding day as she chose to look traditional. Her sari had highly expensive red swarovoski crystals. Dressed like a typical Mangalorean woman, she wore stunning kundan jewellery with dazzling uncut diamonds, ruby and emerald crafted to perfection. Her kamarbandh, maangtika to peacock designed meenakari armlet, everything was perfect to seal her look for the day.

Esha Deol


Esha chose to wear a heavy kanjivaram sari. She had her wedding in a temple where she looked marvelous in her traditional attire.  What made her stand out was her excellent matha patti in kundan. Her Gold jhumki made her look simply splendid.

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor changed her look multiple times during her wedding. In the morning she looked beautiful in a mehendi green salwar. In the evening although she opted for a burgundy lehenga and teamed it up with heavy gold and kundan jewellery embellished with attractive emerald stones.

Look impressive and dress well as you get inspired by these Bollywood divas.

How To Win Over Your Man With Jewellery

Jewellery has fascinated and enchanted women and men since ages. However, in the modern age, though the fascination has stayed intact for women, yet for men it has diminished slowly and gradually. Today, most men like to sport an expensive yet a subtle form of jewellery that in a true sense displays their masculinity and power and yet at the same time do not make them look effeminate. In fact the best way to sport this is to wear a diamond on the rings. Here we share with you some fantastic options of Diamond Rings from our portal.

Winter Wind Gold and Diamond Ring


Nowadays white gold is as much popular as yellow gold. Keeping the preference in mind, Jewels Forum brings to you this pretty and sedate yellow gold ring with two white strips at the side. There are nine sparkling diamonds at the centre to add to the effect. Anyone wearing this is sure to stand out at a party!

Twilight Moon Diamond Ring

As mesmerizing as the moon in the sky, this simple and elegant white gold band can be worn at every occasion. The band has a break at the top where one large diamond is encrusted to give an effect of classy sophistication. This indeed is a true testimony of your love story!

Aurinko Diamond Ring

A ring with a bold look, this statement piece has that perfect amalgamation of white and yellow gold in a serrated design that is extremely eye catching. The centre has nine exquisite diamonds to add to the dazzle and shine of formal occasion wear. The right accessory for the powerful man!

Burning Fire Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the all time favorite of men who like to go traditional with their jewellery. The design is timeless with a plain gold band offset with a single diamond. It is indeed a design which stands the test of time.

Any of these designs are sure to enchant your man – buy them as you will ensure that you have given him a gift of a lifetime. Something that he will truly treasure for ages!





Buy Jewellery Online In India With Latest Designs 2016 As First Anniversary Gifts For Your  Wife

Wedding anniversary is one special day in the life of every married couple. It is the day when they relive the moments of joy and ecstasy and seek to go back to those happy moments. To please your beloved wife, buy jewellery online in India with latest designs 2016 has to offer and see the smile on her face.

Going Back To the First Experience
Be it the first anniversary or the fifth one, celebrating it with spirit and liveliness is extremely important. Here the first thing that comes to the mind is to buy diamond jewellery online. Make it seem like your engagement day when you exchanged a ring with your beloved wife and made the lasting commitment to stay together through thick and thin.

Ring In the Day with a Ring

The inclination to buy diamond ring online has increased by leaps and bounds in the last few years and keeping that in mind, you can definitely choose a lovely ring for the lovely lady. In fact, why only diamond, rather go for sapphires, emeralds and rubies as well to surprise her and make her feel special – which she definitely is!

The ring should be to her taste and you can get an elaborate design in white gold with exquisite stone setting or a simple one that can be worn by her beside that all important engagement ring.

The right ring speaks volumes about the wearer and the gift giver as well. While gifting, buy diamond ring online that is suited to the lady’s taste and make sure that she cherishes it and makes it an eternal symbol of love and togetherness for you two.

Valentine Top Gift Ideas For Her: Pick Up The Right Gift To Stun Your Date

It is that time of the year when you go that extra mile to make your beloved feel special as Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. The gift must be special and to impress your love, nothing but perfect will do. Jewelry is one of the most intimate gifting options and Jewelsforum understands it really well. Jewellery can build memories of a lifetime and if you get it at a pocket friendly price, you surely will not ask for more. Jewelsforum brings for you special collection where you can get attractive Valentine Day Jewellery below Rs. 10000 and enjoy a Flat 25% off too.

It’s only you who understands the bond of your relationship. So choose jewellery that speaks about your love. If he/she loves to showcase then choose the jewellery that will bring your beloved to the spotlight. If you want to give something different yet beautiful, then you can choose a style or design as per the preference of your beloved.  Here are some of the special picks for the season.

Dual Heart Shaped Pendant/Ring

Your sweetheart will surely be elated to see a beautiful and sleek heart shaped diamond pendant. She will surely love to flaunt it. Go for dual colored hearts which beholds a sparkling ruby at the middle which will make her look charming each time she wears it. This will match all attire and will be perfect for all occasions too.


If you have made plans to tell your feeling on this special day, then a diamond ring will be the best bet for you. Yellow gold or white gold, whatever you choose, go for minimalistic designs as it has been in trend in the recent months.

Diamonds Ring for Her or Him

If you are looking for the perfect valentine gifts for him, then nothing will go better than a diamond band ring in white gold. Not only it looks classy, but will show your refined yet quirky taste.

Gold Dangler Earrings

Sleek and fashionable, this can also be a piece to speak about your emotions. Leafy patterns are very much in this season and your lady love will surely rock every time she goes out wearing this light weight earring made of 18 K Gold.


Choose what you wish to gift as each jewellery has its own tale to tell the world. Start creating one. What say?

Festive Pick: Your Look Book For The New Year

With New Year just a few weeks away this is a time to rejoice and celebrate as well as bask in the memories of the year gone by. By this time, most of us have already selected the outfit that one would wear in the New Year bash and pondering on the accessories that would complement it. If you are looking forward to the jewellery you plan to wear this season then let us give you some advice on what trends are in now. Read on to know more…


Make or Break?

When you are going out for a special occasion the jewellery too needs to be special indeed. With statement jewellery reigning you can select one piece jewellery that suits your outfit well. Be it a casual wear or a party dress, it is advisable not to go for too much of jewellery as a single piece which is the right choice can make you dazzle amidst all for sure. Highlight a single piece that will win the game for you. Here are some more inputs.

Sleek Diamond Bracelets

Modern women also love to wear minimalist and sleek jewellery. Light in weight, wrists look brilliant if you place a beautiful diamond in cluster or prong setting. Perfect to go with any attire, these blend well with any look and that is the sole reason that they are trending high.


Diamond Jhumkis

The demand for jhumkis has probably never waned since its inception. Coming in brilliant and smart designs, the diamond jhumkis will make you look ravishing indeed. Perfect to go with ethnic wear, this might be experimented with indo-western attires too.

Cocktail Rings/Solitaire rings

Large cocktail rings are very much in fashion these days. The bold design acts as a statement piece for sure. Diamonds in cluster setting are generally used in this type of ring. Get loaded with compliments by wearing the stylish ring.


These have recently become a hot favorite for fashion forward women. You can team them up with western wear like gowns, maxi dresses or even they go well with ethnic wears like Anarkalis. A must have for all stylish women; this will make you look extremely impressive.


…And Finally

Choose jewellery according to your personality and style. Floral designs are very much in vogue and you can choose one in a floral design.  Buy incredible designs, adorn a gorgeous look and get ready for the New Year.

World's Best MOM

Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood

Mother, more than just a person she is a feeling, a feeling who shows us what love is much before we even learn to understand it. For some she is a guide, a great friend whereas for others she is their angel on earth, a person who toils so hard for us, a person who all her life has just learned to love us more and more. All her sacrifices both big and small, from her selfishness to be loved to her selflessness to give unconditional love, from keeping us the priority to letting us go when the time comes, we’ve barely noticed how difficult it has been for her. All that we are today we owe everything to her! Maybe now after all these years when we look back, we realize how distant we have become. So busy with our lives that we cannot spare few minutes to ask how her day was but there she was back in those good old childhood days, listening to our great little stories of school with great interest just to know if her baby’s day was good and now being so close yet so far we seem to miss her so much, hoping we could just tell her how precious she is to us. However, life is never too late to mend and this Mother’s Day again gives us the opportunity to make her feel how important she is to us. Let’s give something precious to the priceless person in our lives for home is not home without her.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with JewelsForum and make your Mom feel special.