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The Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu

Mangalsutra-The Knot Story

In Hinduism, when a girl gets married she adorns certain jewelry and observes special customs to make obvious her marital status. Just as a many of you wear the wedding ring after marriage, the married Hindu girl, according to the tradition, has to wear the ‘mangalsutra,’ bangles, nose and toe rings and a red bindi or apply ‘kumkum’ or vermilion on her forehead symbolizing not only her rite of passage from a girl to a married woman but also her heightened position in society as an adult who is respected and is capable of running a household, which is, in a way, the microcosm of the society at large.

Celebrate the bond of Love

A Vital Symbol of Wedlock

The word ‘mangalsutra’ is derived from the two words, ‘mangal’ meaning holy or auspicious and ‘sutra’ meaning thread. It is a sacred necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the day of the wedding in a ceremony called Mangalya dharanam (meaning – wearing the auspicious), thereby giving her the status of his wife and life mate. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra all her life or till the time the husband is alive as a sign of their marriage, mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment to one another.

The mangalsutra, worn by most married Hindu women across India, is known differently in different parts of the country – ‘thaali’, ‘thaaly’, ‘pustelu’, ‘maangalyam’ or ‘mangalsutram’ in the southern states of India and ‘mangalsutra’ in the northern states. Each black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the married couple from the evil eye and is believed to safeguard the life of the husband. Hindu women are extremely superstitious about the mangalsutra. If it breaks or gets lost it is considered ominous. Therefore, the Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu couple – a vital symbol of wedlock.

With changing times and varying needs of women, especially in the metropolis, who are no longer stay-home wives, the concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed visibly. Now, it is more of a fashion than a symbol of marriage. Rarely does a working woman don a mangalsutra over her trendy business suits. Also, there is a dramatic change in the style and make of the mangalsutra these days as can be found in the collection of mangalsutra crafted by us at Jewels Forum.

Previously, women wore heavy and elaborate gold mangalsutras, but now, the trend is to wear short, sleek and single string ones with small designer diamond pendants. However, the black beads remain to ward off the evil and uphold the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

So why any longer, log on to Jewels Forum and buy the best looking mangalsutra that you like to wear as your neckpiece.

For the Glamorous lady

The History of Cocktail Rings

If you are looking for a signature piece of jewellery you may consider cocktail rings. If you really want to pamper your lady love, I’m sure that cocktail rings can be one of the best choice, that you have to get. Cocktail rings definitely have something special, as it makes your lady love, look like a diva! Therefore you are sure to fall in love ‘head over heels’, once again.

Perhaps a cocktail ring sounds to you just another word, until and unless you really consider the history or origin of cocktail rings. The term originated in 1920, in the American continent. The origin of the ring could be traced back to the prohibition period. Prohibition period connects to an era, when the commercial sale of Alcohol was banned, and there was a possibility of a social revolution. Such an incident had actually changed the culture of ‘the then society’, and it gave birth to ‘underground cocktail parties’.Cocktail parties were actually flamboyant venues, where women would take the first opportunity to flaunt their ornaments. Cocktail parties although were hush up affairs across the globe, it was a real party for women in their fashionable trendies, where the most cherished ornament was the cocktail ring. Cocktail rings were in vogue in the cocktail parties, due to their vibrant look and passionate finishing.

Ideally, every cocktail ring consisted of one large centre stone, which formed the base. This large centre stone was surrounded by tiny gemstones or diamonds, each of them colored to lend a special aura! But, as per the modern day trends, cocktail rings have no specific formats. They are exclusively made keeping in mind, market trends, and the demand for buying such jewellery. Branded as they are, they stand out to be top class, fashionable ‘fun to wear’, rings, that bring out the best in your personality. Once again, if we go through, the social history of ‘cocktail ring’, usage, it was seen to be in high demand in the post war period , especially during the 50s’.

Flaunt your ornaments with confidence in parties

Cocktail Rings that define your persona

Keeping in mind the requirements of our modern customers, our skilled craftsmen at jewels Forum, pour their heart out in designing exclusive ‘cocktail rings’. If you carefully go through our website,you’ll see that we embed bluestones as the base in most of the cocktail rings that we design. Blue is chosen to be elegant, and gives a kind of natural look. Other varieties are white colored diamonds, sea green stones, besides rubies. We make sure that each design differentiates itself, and with each design your personality traits are highlighted!

Choose one amongst the available designs, and we make a promise not to disappoint you! ‘Made to order’, items can be delivered at your doorstep. Exchange offers remain valid within 15 days of purchase.

Express your love once again.

Your Key to unlock the heart of your Love

If you are married for the last 10 years, this article, is for sure a must read. Very often we tend to lose romance in our lives and end up fighting with each other. We speak to each other, only when we need to and that also we ask wrong questions. We very often forget to greet each other, and make meaningless enquiries that keeps no meaning.

Here are some tips for you, which shall help in finding out how we can revive our dead relationships.

Primarily, surrender and accept the mistake – It happens very often that we do not accept our mistakes, and tend to be headstrong. Our tips to surrendering yourself, remains, reaching out to your beau, through a phone call to say sorry. Forget all egos, and try to stay calm, by accepting your mistakes. Ask him / her out for a dinner. You can even gift something precious in order to win your beau’s heart and mind

As beautiful as your loved one

Make your memories everlasting with precious gifts

Take responsibility for the mistake – If you had made a mistake, please take a chance to accept your mistake. Accepting mistake, does not always, mean that you have to say sorry publicly. Accept to yourself, that you had made a mistake. Also try to face the consequences for the same. Call up or meet your ‘special friend’, to say that you did not understand the significance for making a mistake. Accept the responsibility and admit that this could have broken the relationship. Treat him / her with something special. Also choose something special liked by him / her as a gift.

Speak to common friends – This is a very special way to allow healing. Speak to people whom you know closely. Allow them to give you suggestions. Also request them to speak to your ‘special person’, so that you can know his / her mind. Call, your friends to arrange a common get together. There you meet your ‘special person’, to come closer once again. Make sure that you make up for your mistake, by buying something really everlasting and precious.

Give a ‘ghost gift’ on a special day – as this can be one of the best opportunities for gifting. Try to send a surprise gift to your beau. It can be a bouquet of red roses or a jewellery. Attach a note, with your own handwriting. But forget to write your name. Call your special friend after a day or two. Express your love once again. See his / her reaction, on the receipt of the gift.


Gifts are heart menders. Precious gifts always make your memories everlasting. So enjoy these ideas and make use of them, who knows it might bring unknown happiness once again in your life.


5 tips for buying jewelery online

Five things you should know before purchasing jewellery online

Jewellery especially diamonds are a powerful product category with all the emotional values inherent in the best luxury brands. They make ‘precious purchases’, and are usually bought by us in a lifetime. Thus, buying jewellery, especially that of diamond, is a difficult task!

‘Jet age’ had brought about new ‘shopping mechanisms’ bringing new concepts such as flagship brands, out of town online shopping, and cash free purchases. Changes in lifestyle, and increase in physical distance amongst families, consumers frequently traveling, rise in per capita’ income, besides busy lifestyles have made shopping an exclusive and interesting event. Online shopping has been an emerging and convenient trend, but purchasing jewellery online, can really be a challenge. Reasons are that prices are premium for such purchases, and you buy these, only when the design and make of the product, touches your heart. For online purchasers of gold and diamond jewellery, here are certain tips that’ll surely help you in understanding the process better.

Understand the 4 C’s:

For any jewellery , especially for diamond, try to know more on carat, color, clarity and cut. This might help you to make a better choice.

Know more about the brand reputation.

This is mostly important, as there are many brands who just have a retail presence, and no manufacturing facilities. Always emphasize on brands which have a strong manufacturing ability and hence a better product line, as this helps in getting a better choice.

Know more about product quality and guarantee.

Jewellery purchases are not frequent, and buying ‘certified jewellery’ is the best choice. This gives you an assurance of product quality and a guarantee for a lifetime. Certifications are available from independent laboratories or else from the ‘Geological survey offices’.

Check whether you are paying the right price.

Value and equity’ of the brand assures competitive pricing. We advise that you check best prices available, online.

Service quality from the brand of purchase.

Opt for brands that provide ‘product insurance’ till the doorstep (point of delivery). This provides assurance against damage or thefts. Also make sure they have a comprehensive Return / Refund policy in place.

Note: This post is intended highlight the current trend of buying jewelry online and discuss the challenges involved from the buyers’ perspective. We have tried to provide some valuable tips on the points which you should know or check before you decided on a purchase. In a nutshell, the points that you should consider – Manufacturing Ability, Price Sensitivity, Customer Service, Product Assortment, Ingenuity of the Diamonds etc

About us: Jewels Forum is an online ecommerce company offering the latest range of fine jewelry for every mood and occasion. With years of experience in jewelry field, our promoters are unswerving in providing excellent shopping experience with a commitment towards design, quality, and craftsmanship.

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