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Right earrings for the beautiful you

A simple guide to choice of earrings

Jewelleries are one of our most precious possessions, and women can hardly think about a complete make up without fashionable jewelleries! Among all the jewelleries that we possess, earrings happen to be the most common piece of fashion that we carry almost with every outfit that we wear. Be, it a party, or a casual dinner outside, the very thought of your ears devoid of earrings can be a nightmare.Earrings, form a common part of make up for Indian women, and almost all of us would like to look beautiful in the two pieces that adorns our ear surfaces.

But, how many of us do really consider wearing something of our choice, when it comes to earrings. Earrings being an integral part of the makeup, takes a beat on the personality, if not worn properly. Studies have found that Indian women, hardly, have any good idea, so as to make the perfect choice of earrings, according to the styles, trends, fads or fashion.

In order to possess a good idea about the various kind of diverse designs that are available in the market, one needs to have a clear cut idea about the one that suits with your typical face cutting. By the said term viz. a typical face cutting, we mean the size and shape of your face, which clearly point towards the style, of earrings that will ultimately suit you. Having an awareness of your personality and outfit, is essential to make an ultimate choice on the kind of design that you might go for! There are a variety of designs that are available in the market, but having a clear idea shall always help you to make the best decision.

Make sure that, you do not make any wrong choice, and regret your decision later. To allow you to make a best choice, here is a simple guide which may provide you a basic guideline/

The first and foremost step to make the best choice of earrings is to know about the shape of your face. To perform an easy task, you have to take the help of a marker to make a mirror outline of your face, while you stare at the mirror.

Earrings for your kind of Face

Take a beat on your personality with the right earrings on

Since this will be fairly easier, there are other methods such as taking the consultation of a fashion expert. Based on studies, it has been found that faces have the following shapes:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Oblong
  • Diamond

Based on these shapes the following designs are suggested:

  1. Oval face – they can go for various shapes and sizes of studs, provided, the shape is not oval. They can make a choice of long and hanging ones, as long as it is above the chin.
  2. Round Face – Long hanging earrings can go well. Bold and angular studs can be the next best ones to be worn.
  3. Square face – Various studs, or hanging ones, with stones to highlight your cheekbones.
  4. Heart Face – Wider earrings at the bottom, pyramid studs can also go well.
  5. Oblong face – All shapes and sizes.
  6. Diamond Face – This face shape goes well with all and sundry


Remember the thumb rule is to follow your instinct, and do not ever choose earrings based on the shape of your face.

World's Best MOM

Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood

Mother, more than just a person she is a feeling, a feeling who shows us what love is much before we even learn to understand it. For some she is a guide, a great friend whereas for others she is their angel on earth, a person who toils so hard for us, a person who all her life has just learned to love us more and more. All her sacrifices both big and small, from her selfishness to be loved to her selflessness to give unconditional love, from keeping us the priority to letting us go when the time comes, we’ve barely noticed how difficult it has been for her. All that we are today we owe everything to her! Maybe now after all these years when we look back, we realize how distant we have become. So busy with our lives that we cannot spare few minutes to ask how her day was but there she was back in those good old childhood days, listening to our great little stories of school with great interest just to know if her baby’s day was good and now being so close yet so far we seem to miss her so much, hoping we could just tell her how precious she is to us. However, life is never too late to mend and this Mother’s Day again gives us the opportunity to make her feel how important she is to us. Let’s give something precious to the priceless person in our lives for home is not home without her.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with JewelsForum and make your Mom feel special.

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The Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu

Mangalsutra-The Knot Story

In Hinduism, when a girl gets married she adorns certain jewelry and observes special customs to make obvious her marital status. Just as a many of you wear the wedding ring after marriage, the married Hindu girl, according to the tradition, has to wear the ‘mangalsutra,’ bangles, nose and toe rings and a red bindi or apply ‘kumkum’ or vermilion on her forehead symbolizing not only her rite of passage from a girl to a married woman but also her heightened position in society as an adult who is respected and is capable of running a household, which is, in a way, the microcosm of the society at large.

Celebrate the bond of Love

A Vital Symbol of Wedlock

The word ‘mangalsutra’ is derived from the two words, ‘mangal’ meaning holy or auspicious and ‘sutra’ meaning thread. It is a sacred necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the day of the wedding in a ceremony called Mangalya dharanam (meaning – wearing the auspicious), thereby giving her the status of his wife and life mate. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra all her life or till the time the husband is alive as a sign of their marriage, mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment to one another.

The mangalsutra, worn by most married Hindu women across India, is known differently in different parts of the country – ‘thaali’, ‘thaaly’, ‘pustelu’, ‘maangalyam’ or ‘mangalsutram’ in the southern states of India and ‘mangalsutra’ in the northern states. Each black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the married couple from the evil eye and is believed to safeguard the life of the husband. Hindu women are extremely superstitious about the mangalsutra. If it breaks or gets lost it is considered ominous. Therefore, the Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu couple – a vital symbol of wedlock.

With changing times and varying needs of women, especially in the metropolis, who are no longer stay-home wives, the concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed visibly. Now, it is more of a fashion than a symbol of marriage. Rarely does a working woman don a mangalsutra over her trendy business suits. Also, there is a dramatic change in the style and make of the mangalsutra these days as can be found in the collection of mangalsutra crafted by us at Jewels Forum.

Previously, women wore heavy and elaborate gold mangalsutras, but now, the trend is to wear short, sleek and single string ones with small designer diamond pendants. However, the black beads remain to ward off the evil and uphold the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

So why any longer, log on to Jewels Forum and buy the best looking mangalsutra that you like to wear as your neckpiece.

Gift your love a crafted exclusive precious piece

5 important things No One Tells You about Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Have you ever thought of buying an engagement ring for that ‘someone special?’ If the answer is yes, then I’m sure, you must have faced similar type of emotions, as had been faced by me some eight years ago. As a matter of fact, when you are in love, it is an ecstasy kind of a feeling, but when you are engaged, it is a different ball game altogether. Engagement to that ‘’special someone”, brings out a sense of responsibility and you really wish if there were someone who could have given you some tips about buying a precious ring to endorse your relationship.

Keeping in mind your requirement, here are a few tips which can be shared by someone like myself, who got engaged recently.

  1. Please listen to her whenever she talks about jewellery.

Once you are done with proposing your ‘My Fair lady’, it is time that you listen carefully to what she says about her choices. Jewellery is very often a top priority, and so be very careful to note the nitty-gritties of her choice. Once you have thought about marriage, please have a check on the available ranges, of engagement rings, if you think that to be important. In fact, this can save the hassle of exchange as you buy something which is of ‘her ‘choice.

  1. Consider a formal request to her parents while asking for her hand.

Even if you know your ‘would be’ for quite some time, please ensure that you ask her hand formally. Plan for an official engagement, and announce the date once you are through with it. Buy her choice beforehand, but give her a surprise, by putting the same on her ring finger, on that special moment.

  1. Talk to your friends, if you find that comfortable.

Since this is a lifetime purchase, we suggest that you speak your heart out. Especially if you have close friends, it is always better, if you can casually take their suggestions, before making the purchase. Sometimes, you can go for brands closely recommended by them.

  1. Talk to her friends who have known her for quite some years, if you really want to buy something useful.

This is a mere suggestion, but is one of the toughest things that a guy can do. This act will help you to understand a lot on your beau’s choice, not only for the ring, but also for certain other facets of her personality, which might not have been revealed yet. But be careful before going out with her girlfriends, as this might need discretion, or can cause a harm to your relationship.

  1. You can make a best choice if you bet on your intuition.

Sometimes, it is your intuition that helps, but not always. You can only rely on your intuition, if you know her ins and outs. But since that sounds difficult, so take her suggestions, ask her about certain designs that she’d prefer, and then make a choice.

Engagement Ring for your loved one

Engagement rings are lifetime purchases and talk a lot about your feelings and emotions

Always remember that it is she who’ll wear the ring, not you! 

Above all, take enough care to understand her requirements, choices of wearing precious jewelleries, and of course keep her personality in mind before you make any decisions for a costly purchase. It is for you to decide, whether you shall buy the much cherished engagement ring together, or you are enough confident of her choices, to give her a pleasant surprise.

Express your love once again.

Your Key to unlock the heart of your Love

If you are married for the last 10 years, this article, is for sure a must read. Very often we tend to lose romance in our lives and end up fighting with each other. We speak to each other, only when we need to and that also we ask wrong questions. We very often forget to greet each other, and make meaningless enquiries that keeps no meaning.

Here are some tips for you, which shall help in finding out how we can revive our dead relationships.

Primarily, surrender and accept the mistake – It happens very often that we do not accept our mistakes, and tend to be headstrong. Our tips to surrendering yourself, remains, reaching out to your beau, through a phone call to say sorry. Forget all egos, and try to stay calm, by accepting your mistakes. Ask him / her out for a dinner. You can even gift something precious in order to win your beau’s heart and mind

As beautiful as your loved one

Make your memories everlasting with precious gifts

Take responsibility for the mistake – If you had made a mistake, please take a chance to accept your mistake. Accepting mistake, does not always, mean that you have to say sorry publicly. Accept to yourself, that you had made a mistake. Also try to face the consequences for the same. Call up or meet your ‘special friend’, to say that you did not understand the significance for making a mistake. Accept the responsibility and admit that this could have broken the relationship. Treat him / her with something special. Also choose something special liked by him / her as a gift.

Speak to common friends – This is a very special way to allow healing. Speak to people whom you know closely. Allow them to give you suggestions. Also request them to speak to your ‘special person’, so that you can know his / her mind. Call, your friends to arrange a common get together. There you meet your ‘special person’, to come closer once again. Make sure that you make up for your mistake, by buying something really everlasting and precious.

Give a ‘ghost gift’ on a special day – as this can be one of the best opportunities for gifting. Try to send a surprise gift to your beau. It can be a bouquet of red roses or a jewellery. Attach a note, with your own handwriting. But forget to write your name. Call your special friend after a day or two. Express your love once again. See his / her reaction, on the receipt of the gift.


Gifts are heart menders. Precious gifts always make your memories everlasting. So enjoy these ideas and make use of them, who knows it might bring unknown happiness once again in your life.


The memories of the first day of meeting always remains fresh like flowersh

Deep Love – A story close to your heart

first day with my Love- by NaliniRungta

I still remember the first day when Ajay proposed. How can I forget the day, when he took me out for having some grub and coffee together, and silly for myself, I thought it was a mere coincidence. It was raining in cats and dogs, when suddenly I decided to leave the office a little early. Just as I was packing, Ajay (he was just a next door Chartered accountant and a good colleague), approached me. I still remember that naughty smile on his lips. He said, ‘Madam, are you in a hurry?’ I took some time in answering, as I did not know what to speak. I said, yes, it’s raining and maybe I need to go out a little early. Ajay said cordially, ‘I can drop you as I have the car today. I did not want to take undue favors but then again at a second thought I nodded, thinking that I might not get a cab on a rainy day.

We left the office together.

I still recollect, that while driving we were chatting with each other. In fact, the day was wet, and there was a heavy traffic. We both were sharing our dreams, our career, our ambitions and what not. This was not that I was talking to Ajay for the first time, but, somehow I felt he was very open minded. I knew him for the last two years. Suddenly, he stopped the car, at the roadside. As a matter of fact, the car screeched to stop itself, and before I could react, Ajay said that it was a technical issue. I froze inside. As it is, it was raining, and I was quite faraway from my residence. Utterly confused, I asked, ‘What shall we do? ‘Ajay smiled naughtily, and said- ‘Nothing Mam, let’s have a bite and by half an hour I’ll take care of the car engine,and will make it going.’

As we were near a CCD (Café Coffee Day) outlet, we made our way inside. As it is, the shop was crowded. We sat at a corner table. We ordered for two sandwiches and two cups of coffee.To recall on the facts, while talking to each other, I was a little uncomfortable. Ajay suddenly, brought out a small packet, and asked me, to give my hand. I was taken aback. Before, I could say anything, he had put in the cute piece of diamond engagement ring on my ring finger. Trust me, I did not understand, what was going on.

Love is You & Me

An eternal Band of Love & Togetherness

Could you imagine, that Ajay, my husband proposed with his head bowed down and asking for my hand.

I had always, wanted to marry a doctor. But, suddenly I realized something called true love! Ajay had always been more than a colleague. He cared for me, he spoke to me with compassion. But then again, I never knew that he really loved me so deeply.

We still cherish the first day of love, whenever we sit together to share a cup of coffee. The bright diamond on my right hand ring finger remains a witness, towards the lifelong bondage that we even share today.

Diamonds & flowers for your lady

Celebrate this valentine day with flowers made of diamonds

It is already February, and it’s almost time to celebrate ‘the expression of love’.

Have you already settled with the gift packages that you’d like to offer to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? If yes, then we shall request you to ponder. If no, we are there to help you make the best choice. This is because we are sure that you’ll make a last moment choice with some grumpy chocolate boxes or some one day long beautiful rose bouquets purchased with exorbitant prices, from a local florist.

Therefore, hold your breath and resist your temptation, we want you to have the value for money!

The whole point of gifting a Valentines’ Day gift means your emotions, appreciation intertwined for the beautiful soul, who will walk with you the ‘paths of life’. This year, if you read this blog we are sure that you’ll make a real difference in terms of ‘gifting an everlasting piece’? If you are still wondering what it is, it is nothing other than a floral diamond pendant. Are you surprised? Please do not be, as we at jewels forum, create an exclusive online space, with varied collections of diamonds, budgeted for your purchase.

Let your love say it all

Gift your love the flowers made of diamond this Valentine

Advantages of buying online include, spending more time for your ‘precious soul’, and at the same time, saving yourself from the hassles of physical buying.  So just make yourself, believe that, there are tons of awesome activities to do on the Valentine’s Day, other than gifting. Treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner at a local joint, or book a joyride. You can even go for a ballroom dancing, or plan for a cookery class together.

Just to remind you, that we cater to procrastinators, with an overnight free shipping arrangement. Diamonds are forever, so, to us, you are never late. We provide cash on delivery, along with 15 day return guarantees / exchange offers.

So hurry,make a purchase, till offer lasts

Say it with Floral Pendants this Valentine

Stop and Shop from our Floral Jewellery collections on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always had the sly way of sneaking up on us and before we even know it, we always find ourselves in a panic mode looking for that flawless gift for the perfect someone in our life. This year be on top of your game, get armed with some awesome floral gifts for the holiday of love.

In our hamper this year we have gathered some great gifts that speaks of all things we love about in flowers to share the language of love.

Our flowers are timeless and eternal like the flame of love, something that neither withers with age nor fade and fall-away with time.

Jewellery is a pretty fail safe Valentine’s Day option (unless you gift a small box containing earrings and your other half opens it expecting it a ring- then you’re in trouble). But instead of schlepping around the usual jewellery stores on the high street, select something which is a little more unique. Go for exquisite online gift ideas made from ethically sourced diamonds, gold and white gold with immaculate designs.

Select for your loved ones from our wide varieties of pendants and earrings that are made in the likeness of different flowers that can cast the magic love-spell on the lady of your life.

Our Floriana Nectar Pendant, Flower Bed Pendant, Peony Gold Pendant are awesome classic jewelleries which are an ideal wear not only for weddings but are even good for office wear and informal late-night parties.

The Bedazzled Sunflower Pendant, Diamond Carnations Earrings and Dazzling Daffodil Earrings are just a few names that we have coined for our dainty floral earrings and diamond studded hoops that will for sure bring sparkle on your beloved lover’s eyes.

What makes diamonds 'forever' - in true sense

What makes Diamonds ‘forever’ – in true sense

Diamonds are an unique resource, evoking beauty that lies within, and happens to symbolize eternal love! But, even if they are constructed well and embedded into mind blowing jewellery pieces, it is often very hard to differentiate ‘costume diamonds’ from ‘fine diamond jewellery’. One easy way, to understand the purity of diamonds is the visual appearance of the precious element. If you are careful, you can easily check the diamond in the form of plating, dipping, filling, and rolling on the container metal, i.e. either gold or silver on which the piece is hosted. Always remember, that diamond is the hardest known natural material on Earth.

Things you didn't know about diamonds

Diamonds are ‘forever’ – in true sense

We suggest, that you check for certain physical properties, which is inherent of ‘genuine diamond’. For instance, diamond conducts heat 5 times faster than copper, which is why it feels cold to the touch. Pure diamond is absolutely transparent. It reflects light clearly. It is very hard and, therefore does not break under pressure. Diamonds are usually considered to be ‘precious gemstones’, and hence are certified. Certification is an endorsement for ‘quality standards’ from independent authorities. There are various bodies which provide certification, viz. GII, GIA etc. We being a reputed brand we depend on certification from EGL (European Gemological Laboratory (E.G.L.), India .Our brand name assures you of ‘diamonds’, which are responsibly sourced, and are not ‘illegally traded’. These diamonds are better known as ‘conflict free.’

Above all rest assured that genuine diamond  always, have a resale value. We provide you, 80% of the purchase money back guarantee, in case you want to sell your ‘’precious piece’. Diamonds are forever , hence we ensure that you buy genuine diamond jewellery.  Genuine cut, clarity, certification and color helps you to identify diamond, which can surely pay a dividend on long term.

Guaranteed 15 Day Exchange Policy

Diamonds for You – Guaranteeing 15 days Return Policy

Beautifully crafted, into a jewellery though, a diamond is mesmerizingly attached to your personality. Jewels are just an excuse to wear this beautiful piece of nature, on your body, which defines your style and personality. Diamonds are close to your heart! But, are worn on the body. It defines the style, the glamour quotient of your personality. A diamond is for life and gifts of diamond remind you of special occasions.

Dazzling and dramatic, this regal gift is intricately woven to take your breath away. Expertly crafted, wearing this makes it a  treasured favourite. Diamonds, under normal occasions are purchased on a visual appeal. We have thus crafted the jewellery with ‘culture’ and ‘look. ’ For online purchase, it is obvious that you buy after you like the excellent ‘craftsmanship’ that goes into the making of our jewellery! Bur reality might deter you!

Once the precious piece is delivered, you may not associate yourself with the piece! But do not worry! We guarantee a 15 day return policy to all our valued customers. Be it a ring, or a pendant, we are a just call away. Choose the best from the available lot! Please put in your order, if you want to ‘’personalize”, your piece.

We understand and value your emotions more than the jewel!