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Women & Jewellery – An Eternal Connection

As the women’s week draws to a close we celebrate the eternal association between women and their jewellery. The relation between women and jewellery is a mysterious and deep one and there is something about those precious pieces of metal that has never failed to win over the hearts of the women. In fact, the love for jewelry transcends border, religion, culture and social stature.


Decoding Women and Their Love for Jewellery

So why do women love jewellery? The first and biggest reason is to make a mark in a special and recognized group in society. Gorgeous jewelry sets you apart from others and helps to develop self esteem in a woman, convincing them that they are no less than others. The shine and dazzle of jewelry is attractive to young women and for them, it is a way to stand out in a crowd and be the centre of attention.

Secondly, every woman wants to look pretty and here jewelry is the thing that they fall back upon. A perfect accessory can enhance your look – jewellery thus is a must have if a woman wants to look pretty and desirable. Matching jewellery with costume is a sure shot way to increase your oomph factor.


Moreover, a rare jewel is an indication of wealth and prosperity which is sure to give a woman rare status in society that they crave for. For many women, jewelry is a source of aesthetic pleasure and a magic wand that provides them an instant boost in confidence assuring them that they are no less than anyone else.

Stone Age to Modern Age – The Love Continues Unabated

Since time immemorial, women and their jewelry have had an unbreakable bond. Skeletal evidence unearthed from the depths of the earth has found women proudly displaying their jewelry collection. If one delves back to history one of the women known for her love for jewelry was Queen Cleopatra who had elaborate headdress, armlets, and crown that she loved to flaunt and which was the sign of her being the undisputed ruler.


The unfathomable love  affair that women have with jewelry continued in the generations that came with royal women like Maharani Gayatri Devi, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor all of whom made a mark in the fashionscape with their unmatched and unique collection of jewelry. These pieces were a reflection of their taste and helped them to stand out and increase their stature and aura.

Bejeweled Indian Woman in the Modern Age

Maharani Gayatri Devi’s royal lineage showed in her beauty and poise and she was named in the list of Vogue’s ‘Ten Most Beautiful Women of the World.’ Her impeccable beauty was enhanced manifold through the stunning pieces of jewelry that she wore and the most vital pieces of treasures were the wedding diamond chandelier earrings and a Navratan necklace strung on a gold chain which was a wedding gift from her husband, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II.


Beauties From Across The Sea

Even the foreign shores have style icons who are known for their undisputed taste in jewelry and the biggest and most popular examples are from the British royal family. Both Queen Elizabeth and her daughter-in-law, the late Princess Diana were hailed as style icons and their jewelries are part of the folklore. The most spotted and treasured jewelry for Her Majesty is her engagement ring that has a 3 carat diamond solitaire flanked on each side by 5 smaller diamonds, all set in platinum. Even now, Queen Elizabeth never misses a chance to wear the ring which is a sign of her marital bliss.


Princess Diana was an able successor to her mother-in-law and took forward the legacy in her lifetime. The jewelries worn by her complemented her ethereal beauty and sophisticated charm that made her a much loved princess to her subjects. Her most popular pieces of jewelry were the Spencer Tiara which was a wedding gift from her father John Spencer and the diamond and sapphire ring gifted by Prince Charles to her on their engagement. It has a large oval sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds and set into an eighteen-carat white gold band.

Diana Banquet Usa

Jewelry and a Hollywood Beauty

Moving away from royalty, there is a name that instantly comes to our mind when we talk about jewelry – Elizabeth Taylor. The legendary actress was an epitome of beauty and her taste in jewelry matched that beauty. Her most prized piece was a diamond tiara that was gifted to her by her third husband Mike Todd. Even though tiaras were not so much in fashion, her appearance at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival made it the fashion statement of the season.


“I love my jewellery” are words that have resonated with the women of yesteryear and today who have never been able to break this love affair and will be forever continuing with this unbroken tradition.

Diamonds to help fight against Cancer

Diamonds Could Help in the Fight against Cancer

Imagine a future where apart from making jewelleries, we use diamonds to locate cancer cells within the body, allowing doctors to find hidden clusters without the need for lengthy testing or invasive procedures. According to Taiwanese scientists, that future may not be far off.

Diamond Power to cure Cancer

Diamonds & Cancer

Scientists are experimenting with the use of nanodiamonds within the human body. These miniscule diamonds, a hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair, can safely coat the digestive tract. By applying a thin coat of sugar proteins or other safe chemicals, those same nanodiamonds will pass through the walls of the intestine and attach themselves to specific types of cells, depending on the coating used. Scientists could isolate cancer cells, white blood cells, or even damaged tissue.

The research is currently being performed on earthworms. After the worms ingest the diamond powder, scientists can run a special yellow light over the worm’s body. The yellow light is absorbed into the diamonds. In return, they emit a purple light, allowing researchers to see where the dust has collected. Diamonds are non-toxic, so they are safe to use in humans. This research will likely lead to the use of diamonds in advanced medical imaging, but their potential is much more far reaching.

Once scientists work out a way to deliver these nanodiamonds to specific areas of the body, they can be used for much more than just imaging. The diamonds can deliver medicines to exact areas of the body, improving treatment options for everything from infections to cancer. They could also be used to track stem-cells. This could, with enough time and research, allow doctors to improve immune responses, regrow damaged nerves, or even regenerate damaged organs. These advances could still be decades off, but they wouldn’t be possible without the use of diamonds.

Not all medical advancements involving diamonds are decades away. Diamonds are now starting to be used in new chemotherapy patches. US researchers developed a patch that is coated with tiny, dust-like diamonds. The patch is placed over the tumor, and the diamonds slowly release the chemotherapy drugs directly into the growth. It is hoped that these new patches will reduce the number and severity of the side effects currently associated with chemotherapy treatment.

Not only do they have the potential to give doctors a new look at the inside of the human body and to help treat cancer patients, micro-diamonds are also being used in microscopes to analyze living human cells in ways not currently possible through regular medical equipment. The diamonds provide better magnifying power than glass alone, letting scientists view individual molecules. The potential for new ways to diagnose and treat certain conditions is huge, once this develops past the testing stage.

Diamonds are also paving the way for improved x-ray technology. Unlike the medical advancements using diamond dust, new x-ray lasers could rely on flawless diamonds, creating a concentrated, high-powered laser that would allow doctors and scientists to see small objects in with much better detail than the current machines allow. Unfortunately, the level of perfection required of these diamonds is nearly impossible to obtain in nature. If the scientific and medical communities decide to take this approach to improving x-ray technology, the diamonds used would most likely be lab-made synthetics and not the kind of diamonds that we use for making jewelleries at Jewels Forum or elsewhere in the jewellery world.

Ancient civilizations commonly used diamonds for their healing qualities, believing that these precious gems could cure everything from mental distress to breaking up blockages that could be causing the body distress. Science has now come full circle, with diamonds once again being sought out for medicinal purposes. Diamonds could have a significant impact on the next ten to twenty years of medical advances, as scientists continue to research their potential uses in the medical field.