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Shine Bright With Polki Jewellery on Wedding Day

Is your wedding day just round the corner? And are you still searching for that perfect jewellery set to wear on that day? Well if you are too bored of the regular well cut diamonds and solid gold jewellery, then move your eyes a bit to the polki jewellery section of the store you visit or even during online diamond jewellery shopping.

A Little About Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery is a grand testimony to the rich culture, heritage and tradition of jewellery making that has disseminated to us from our forefathers. Polki is basically uncut diamonds that are mostly used in their natural form. It is one of the oldest form of jewellery craftsmanship and requires attention to details and intricate execution of design. It got introduced in India thanks to the Mughals who loved diamonds in their original form. Polki jewellery requires a foil at the back so that the stones can be brought together and is a bit on the costlier side. However, the money you spend on it is worth the finished product that you get at the end. Moreover, when polki is combined with rubies, emerald and sapphire, it is nothing short of an heirloom.


Polki Jewels For The Bride

Polki jewellery is wildly popular in the northern part of India where it is an indispensable part of every bride’s jewel box. Starting with the maang tikka, the necklace, earrings, bangles and even the rings, a touch of polki everywhere is a must. So when you have to buy customized diamond jewellery online India has a plethora of options to choose from. The price of a polki choker depends on the number of diamonds used in the design and their quality as well. With a gorgeous polki necklace around the neck, there is no need for anything else to increase the beauty quotient of the bride of the day.


Online jewellery shopping is stamping its position in the ever increasing jewellery market of India. Be it small trinkets or heavier pieces that are ideal for the bride, the designs are becoming bigger, grander and a worthy contributor to the beauty are the polki diamond jewellery.


Diamonds to help fight against Cancer

Diamonds Could Help in the Fight against Cancer

Imagine a future where apart from making jewelleries, we use diamonds to locate cancer cells within the body, allowing doctors to find hidden clusters without the need for lengthy testing or invasive procedures. According to Taiwanese scientists, that future may not be far off.

Diamond Power to cure Cancer

Diamonds & Cancer

Scientists are experimenting with the use of nanodiamonds within the human body. These miniscule diamonds, a hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair, can safely coat the digestive tract. By applying a thin coat of sugar proteins or other safe chemicals, those same nanodiamonds will pass through the walls of the intestine and attach themselves to specific types of cells, depending on the coating used. Scientists could isolate cancer cells, white blood cells, or even damaged tissue.

The research is currently being performed on earthworms. After the worms ingest the diamond powder, scientists can run a special yellow light over the worm’s body. The yellow light is absorbed into the diamonds. In return, they emit a purple light, allowing researchers to see where the dust has collected. Diamonds are non-toxic, so they are safe to use in humans. This research will likely lead to the use of diamonds in advanced medical imaging, but their potential is much more far reaching.

Once scientists work out a way to deliver these nanodiamonds to specific areas of the body, they can be used for much more than just imaging. The diamonds can deliver medicines to exact areas of the body, improving treatment options for everything from infections to cancer. They could also be used to track stem-cells. This could, with enough time and research, allow doctors to improve immune responses, regrow damaged nerves, or even regenerate damaged organs. These advances could still be decades off, but they wouldn’t be possible without the use of diamonds.

Not all medical advancements involving diamonds are decades away. Diamonds are now starting to be used in new chemotherapy patches. US researchers developed a patch that is coated with tiny, dust-like diamonds. The patch is placed over the tumor, and the diamonds slowly release the chemotherapy drugs directly into the growth. It is hoped that these new patches will reduce the number and severity of the side effects currently associated with chemotherapy treatment.

Not only do they have the potential to give doctors a new look at the inside of the human body and to help treat cancer patients, micro-diamonds are also being used in microscopes to analyze living human cells in ways not currently possible through regular medical equipment. The diamonds provide better magnifying power than glass alone, letting scientists view individual molecules. The potential for new ways to diagnose and treat certain conditions is huge, once this develops past the testing stage.

Diamonds are also paving the way for improved x-ray technology. Unlike the medical advancements using diamond dust, new x-ray lasers could rely on flawless diamonds, creating a concentrated, high-powered laser that would allow doctors and scientists to see small objects in with much better detail than the current machines allow. Unfortunately, the level of perfection required of these diamonds is nearly impossible to obtain in nature. If the scientific and medical communities decide to take this approach to improving x-ray technology, the diamonds used would most likely be lab-made synthetics and not the kind of diamonds that we use for making jewelleries at Jewels Forum or elsewhere in the jewellery world.

Ancient civilizations commonly used diamonds for their healing qualities, believing that these precious gems could cure everything from mental distress to breaking up blockages that could be causing the body distress. Science has now come full circle, with diamonds once again being sought out for medicinal purposes. Diamonds could have a significant impact on the next ten to twenty years of medical advances, as scientists continue to research their potential uses in the medical field.


The Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu

Mangalsutra-The Knot Story

In Hinduism, when a girl gets married she adorns certain jewelry and observes special customs to make obvious her marital status. Just as a many of you wear the wedding ring after marriage, the married Hindu girl, according to the tradition, has to wear the ‘mangalsutra,’ bangles, nose and toe rings and a red bindi or apply ‘kumkum’ or vermilion on her forehead symbolizing not only her rite of passage from a girl to a married woman but also her heightened position in society as an adult who is respected and is capable of running a household, which is, in a way, the microcosm of the society at large.

Celebrate the bond of Love

A Vital Symbol of Wedlock

The word ‘mangalsutra’ is derived from the two words, ‘mangal’ meaning holy or auspicious and ‘sutra’ meaning thread. It is a sacred necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the day of the wedding in a ceremony called Mangalya dharanam (meaning – wearing the auspicious), thereby giving her the status of his wife and life mate. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra all her life or till the time the husband is alive as a sign of their marriage, mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment to one another.

The mangalsutra, worn by most married Hindu women across India, is known differently in different parts of the country – ‘thaali’, ‘thaaly’, ‘pustelu’, ‘maangalyam’ or ‘mangalsutram’ in the southern states of India and ‘mangalsutra’ in the northern states. Each black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the married couple from the evil eye and is believed to safeguard the life of the husband. Hindu women are extremely superstitious about the mangalsutra. If it breaks or gets lost it is considered ominous. Therefore, the Mangalsutra is much more than a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred necklace of love, trust and marital happiness of a Hindu couple – a vital symbol of wedlock.

With changing times and varying needs of women, especially in the metropolis, who are no longer stay-home wives, the concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed visibly. Now, it is more of a fashion than a symbol of marriage. Rarely does a working woman don a mangalsutra over her trendy business suits. Also, there is a dramatic change in the style and make of the mangalsutra these days as can be found in the collection of mangalsutra crafted by us at Jewels Forum.

Previously, women wore heavy and elaborate gold mangalsutras, but now, the trend is to wear short, sleek and single string ones with small designer diamond pendants. However, the black beads remain to ward off the evil and uphold the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

So why any longer, log on to Jewels Forum and buy the best looking mangalsutra that you like to wear as your neckpiece.

Diamonds - Rarest of the rare gifts that last forever

Like a Diamond in the Sky

Bright stars twinkling on the night sky makes us remember about diamonds. But do you know that some scientists have really come across ‘diamond stars’? Approximately about 10 years back, i.e. in 2004 astronomers had come across an unusually small star with special properties. This was named as BPM 37093, and was located at a distance of 50 light years from our planet. It was interestingly named as ‘Lucy’, after the famous song, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, by ‘Beatles’.

But in order to measure the size of Lucy, it cannot be simply compared to a real diamond found on earth. The biggest diamond found on earth, was about 534 carats. But Lucy is bigger than such a diamond by a trillion. The exact size is yet to be known although it had been estimated to be 11 times of that of Earth, which is in fact the size of Jupiter.

Amazingly, such diamonds can be formed by a “rarest of the rare”, natural phenomenon. When an original star dies, it gives rise to such a diamond star. It distinguishes itself by a glowing amber, often referred to as a white dwarf. As soon as the white dwarf begins to sink, a ball of carbon gets formed, which is solid and not gaseous. The pressure created in the process is tremendous.

But some stars definitely get converted into diamonds, as had been acknowledged by astronomers. The second diamond star was discovered in 2011. It was found to be 4000 light years away from our planet, the earth. But it is lesser than Lucy, in terms of size. Scientists claim that it is only five times bigger than the earth.

Diamonds - Make you feel in the sky

Diamonds – Rarest of the rare gifts that last forever

Even though this sounds weird, it is true that such ‘diamond stars’, truly exist. There, are in fact thousands of such stars which exist in the ‘infinite space’.

Such stars cannot be brought down to earth, but we at Jewels Forum have really made small endeavours to bring some ‘real diamond stars’, to make you happy. In order to own such stars have a look at Jewels Forum.

We at Jewels Forum, believe that these diamonds will not only adorn you, but also add an extra aura to your personality. Our skilled craftsmen take all the pain to use their experience and devote full attention to prepare ‘these beads of carbon’, which are gifts that last forever. Innovationof designs remain to be our forte. Once you have a look at these exclusive pieces, we are sure you shall fall in love, with these.

We are sure, that these diamonds will make you feel to be in the sky. But, we assure you that our budgets are not sky high! We promise to bring the best of ‘diamonds’, within a range which is easily affordable.

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