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Right earrings for the beautiful you

A simple guide to choice of earrings

Jewelleries are one of our most precious possessions, and women can hardly think about a complete make up without fashionable jewelleries! Among all the jewelleries that we possess, earrings happen to be the most common piece of fashion that we carry almost with every outfit that we wear. Be, it a party, or a casual dinner outside, the very thought of your ears devoid of earrings can be a nightmare.Earrings, form a common part of make up for Indian women, and almost all of us would like to look beautiful in the two pieces that adorns our ear surfaces.

But, how many of us do really consider wearing something of our choice, when it comes to earrings. Earrings being an integral part of the makeup, takes a beat on the personality, if not worn properly. Studies have found that Indian women, hardly, have any good idea, so as to make the perfect choice of earrings, according to the styles, trends, fads or fashion.

In order to possess a good idea about the various kind of diverse designs that are available in the market, one needs to have a clear cut idea about the one that suits with your typical face cutting. By the said term viz. a typical face cutting, we mean the size and shape of your face, which clearly point towards the style, of earrings that will ultimately suit you. Having an awareness of your personality and outfit, is essential to make an ultimate choice on the kind of design that you might go for! There are a variety of designs that are available in the market, but having a clear idea shall always help you to make the best decision.

Make sure that, you do not make any wrong choice, and regret your decision later. To allow you to make a best choice, here is a simple guide which may provide you a basic guideline/

The first and foremost step to make the best choice of earrings is to know about the shape of your face. To perform an easy task, you have to take the help of a marker to make a mirror outline of your face, while you stare at the mirror.

Earrings for your kind of Face

Take a beat on your personality with the right earrings on

Since this will be fairly easier, there are other methods such as taking the consultation of a fashion expert. Based on studies, it has been found that faces have the following shapes:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Oblong
  • Diamond

Based on these shapes the following designs are suggested:

  1. Oval face – they can go for various shapes and sizes of studs, provided, the shape is not oval. They can make a choice of long and hanging ones, as long as it is above the chin.
  2. Round Face – Long hanging earrings can go well. Bold and angular studs can be the next best ones to be worn.
  3. Square face – Various studs, or hanging ones, with stones to highlight your cheekbones.
  4. Heart Face – Wider earrings at the bottom, pyramid studs can also go well.
  5. Oblong face – All shapes and sizes.
  6. Diamond Face – This face shape goes well with all and sundry


Remember the thumb rule is to follow your instinct, and do not ever choose earrings based on the shape of your face.