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Make This Holi Memorable And Valuable For Her

With the advent of March, a riot of colors is ready to surround us in all its grandeur because Holi, the festival of color is upon us! It is the occasion when gaiety, boisterousness, merriment and vibrancy becomes a norm and we fall prey to the pichkaris, gujiyas and gulal. This is also the time to gift your wife or your loved one something special so as to express your love and admiration for her.

Jewel Of Jewels

Diamonds are ideal for every occasion and Holi is no different. Of course, this festival does not call for heavy jewelry but rather small and dainty pieces which will not become a barrier between you and your colorful and alluring stock of gulal.


Choose from a wide range of diamond earrings, rings , pendants and bracelets that are studded with colorful and vibrant stones like emerald, ruby and sapphires to go with the festive feel around you. For earrings, you can choose from hoops and huggies, while pendants in clean and simple design will rock the Holi day look.

Meena_J_Holi_2016_xFlashDresses For The Day

There is only one dress code on Holi – white, white and more of white. This neutral color will rule on the day and help you to merge yourself in a mélange of colors. Gift her a white saree with a colorful border or a kurti in white matched with bandhni print Patiala Salwar. The expression of happiness and wonderment on her face will be priceless and make you a satisfied and smug husband!

After Holi Care
While the moments of mingling with colors are precious, the aftermath is tortuous. It is here that you can help out your wife by gifting her body care products that will help her to remove the colors gently. Go for herbal face wash and soaps, Aloe Vera foam bath wash, exfoliating scrubs and

This thoughtful and extremely necessary gift will definitely make her day and the praises showered on you by her will make your day. You can also help her clean up her precious possessions that is jewellery by helping her wash it with warm water and soap and then wiping it dry with soft muslin clothes.


While these are the gifts to definitely give a thought to, you can also think about gifting chocolates, flowers, perfume and tasty sweets to add to her happiness.