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The memories of the first day of meeting always remains fresh like flowersh

Deep Love – A story close to your heart

first day with my Love- by NaliniRungta

I still remember the first day when Ajay proposed. How can I forget the day, when he took me out for having some grub and coffee together, and silly for myself, I thought it was a mere coincidence. It was raining in cats and dogs, when suddenly I decided to leave the office a little early. Just as I was packing, Ajay (he was just a next door Chartered accountant and a good colleague), approached me. I still remember that naughty smile on his lips. He said, ‘Madam, are you in a hurry?’ I took some time in answering, as I did not know what to speak. I said, yes, it’s raining and maybe I need to go out a little early. Ajay said cordially, ‘I can drop you as I have the car today. I did not want to take undue favors but then again at a second thought I nodded, thinking that I might not get a cab on a rainy day.

We left the office together.

I still recollect, that while driving we were chatting with each other. In fact, the day was wet, and there was a heavy traffic. We both were sharing our dreams, our career, our ambitions and what not. This was not that I was talking to Ajay for the first time, but, somehow I felt he was very open minded. I knew him for the last two years. Suddenly, he stopped the car, at the roadside. As a matter of fact, the car screeched to stop itself, and before I could react, Ajay said that it was a technical issue. I froze inside. As it is, it was raining, and I was quite faraway from my residence. Utterly confused, I asked, ‘What shall we do? ‘Ajay smiled naughtily, and said- ‘Nothing Mam, let’s have a bite and by half an hour I’ll take care of the car engine,and will make it going.’

As we were near a CCD (Café Coffee Day) outlet, we made our way inside. As it is, the shop was crowded. We sat at a corner table. We ordered for two sandwiches and two cups of coffee.To recall on the facts, while talking to each other, I was a little uncomfortable. Ajay suddenly, brought out a small packet, and asked me, to give my hand. I was taken aback. Before, I could say anything, he had put in the cute piece of diamond engagement ring on my ring finger. Trust me, I did not understand, what was going on.

Love is You & Me

An eternal Band of Love & Togetherness

Could you imagine, that Ajay, my husband proposed with his head bowed down and asking for my hand.

I had always, wanted to marry a doctor. But, suddenly I realized something called true love! Ajay had always been more than a colleague. He cared for me, he spoke to me with compassion. But then again, I never knew that he really loved me so deeply.

We still cherish the first day of love, whenever we sit together to share a cup of coffee. The bright diamond on my right hand ring finger remains a witness, towards the lifelong bondage that we even share today.

Diamonds & flowers for your lady

Celebrate this valentine day with flowers made of diamonds

It is already February, and it’s almost time to celebrate ‘the expression of love’.

Have you already settled with the gift packages that you’d like to offer to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? If yes, then we shall request you to ponder. If no, we are there to help you make the best choice. This is because we are sure that you’ll make a last moment choice with some grumpy chocolate boxes or some one day long beautiful rose bouquets purchased with exorbitant prices, from a local florist.

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The whole point of gifting a Valentines’ Day gift means your emotions, appreciation intertwined for the beautiful soul, who will walk with you the ‘paths of life’. This year, if you read this blog we are sure that you’ll make a real difference in terms of ‘gifting an everlasting piece’? If you are still wondering what it is, it is nothing other than a floral diamond pendant. Are you surprised? Please do not be, as we at jewels forum, create an exclusive online space, with varied collections of diamonds, budgeted for your purchase.

Let your love say it all

Gift your love the flowers made of diamond this Valentine

Advantages of buying online include, spending more time for your ‘precious soul’, and at the same time, saving yourself from the hassles of physical buying.  So just make yourself, believe that, there are tons of awesome activities to do on the Valentine’s Day, other than gifting. Treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner at a local joint, or book a joyride. You can even go for a ballroom dancing, or plan for a cookery class together.

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Say it with Floral Pendants this Valentine

Stop and Shop from our Floral Jewellery collections on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always had the sly way of sneaking up on us and before we even know it, we always find ourselves in a panic mode looking for that flawless gift for the perfect someone in our life. This year be on top of your game, get armed with some awesome floral gifts for the holiday of love.

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Jewellery is a pretty fail safe Valentine’s Day option (unless you gift a small box containing earrings and your other half opens it expecting it a ring- then you’re in trouble). But instead of schlepping around the usual jewellery stores on the high street, select something which is a little more unique. Go for exquisite online gift ideas made from ethically sourced diamonds, gold and white gold with immaculate designs.

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Valentines special jewelry

This Valentine’s Day – Say it with Flowers

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